Houghton School

established in 1946


Payment of School Fees

Dear Houghton School Parents,

While I am fully aware of the hardship and uncertainty that the lockdown has caused,I am positive that the 2020 school year will be completed and our children will progress to to their next grades.

I hereby appeal to all our parents to continue paying their school fees. The school has many expenses such as teacher and support staff salaries,utilities,contracts,security and insurance.Without immediate school fee payments by our parents, the school will not be able to sustain the delivery of the curriculum.

I was given permission to go to school yesterday to facilitate the payment of salaries to our 24 employees and saw that very few of our parents have made payments over the past month.I have calculated that the school will not be able to implement the planned catch- up plan without our school paid staff.

I therefore once again urge each and every one of our parents to pay their school fees,so that we have the funds to pay the staff that teach and support the children of our great school.

I eagerly await the re-opening of our school and I assure our parents of the schools' commitment to the success of the 2020 academic year.

Yours sincerely,

AJ Morris Principal

Houghton School

was established in 1946
Initially the enrolment was about 100 boys and girls from the area. The learners were predominantly Jewish and from well to do families. The school is situated in a wealthy area but today the majority of our learners are from outside our area.
Houghton school has many traditions and high standards which we strive to maintain. Many of our learners are accepted to the excellent private and public secondary schools in our area. There they distinguish themselves and become valuable members of our society. Last year two of our ex learners received top academic honours with the most distinctions at St Johns College and at Parktown boys High School. We are proud of the fact that Houghton school learners numbers have grown from an initial 100 learners to the 675 learners we have enrolled today. Due to the demand we have now introduced a third Grade R class in 2014.
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