Code of Conduct

As a member of the Houghton School Community I undertake to:
  • Respect myself - by striving to realise my talents and having pride in my thoughts, actions and dress.
  • Respect others - by being polite, considerate and helpful at all times, giving others every opportunity to reach their full potential in school life and encouraging those who are weaker by giving them assistance and support.
  • Respect the environment - by consciously caring for and protecting my physical and natural surroundings.
  • Accept responsibility - by completing whatever tasks have been set for me and recognising that with responsibility comes accountability.

School Rules and Disciplinary Procedures

  • These rules and procedures are guidelines intended for upholding the standards and traditions of the School and the principles of the Code of Conduct, and at the same time protecting the rights of the individuals enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.
  • They shall be implemented with immediate effect and shall be binding on each and every single pupil, regardless of age.
  • Attendance at school shall be conditional on the acceptance of this document without reservation.
  • These guidelines are not all embracing and the Executive Committee reserves the right at its discretion to:
    1. Add to, vary or deviate from the guidelines as circumstances require in the interests of justice and fairness;
    2. Determine how and by whom proceedings are to be conducted and how and by whom the rules are to be conducted.
    3. Determine how and by whom appeal proceedings are to be conducted.
  • Should any dispute arise concerning the interpretation or implementation of any issue arising from this document, the Executive Committee shall determine the dispute.
  • The Disciplinary Procedures for Houghton School are based on the following principles:
    1. Each pupil knows the reason for a rule and the possible consequences of breaking it.
    2. The penalty applied is designed to correct the pupil's behaviour.
    3. Disciplinary action is administered in a consistent, fair and just manner.
    4. The values of the School in particular and society in general are seen to be upheld.
  • While every effort will be made to re-enforce positive behaviour patterns in the pupils, the real reward for good behaviour lies in knowing that one is contributing to the creation of a secure environment in which it is a pleasure to live, work and learn.
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