After Care Centre

Right of Admission

  • It is accepted and not with standing any clause stated in this condition of enrolment that the Centre, in terms of letters and certificates issued in the Centre's name is registered and operates under the conditions laid down by the Department of Health and Welfare and the Johannesburg City Council.
  • Right of Admission is strictly reserved.
  • Only Pre-primary and Primary School children will be considered for enrolment.
  • Enrolment to the Centre must be submitted on the Centre's prescribed form. The Centre will not provide service until:
    • The prescribed application forms have been completed.
    • All fees as prescribed have been paid in advance.

Periods and Times of the After Care Centre

School terms:

Monday to Friday from the close of the School until 17:30 sharp,

School holidays:

From 7.30 till 17:30. School holidays will be in accordance with the prescribed school holidays as laid down by the Gauteng Education Department.

Public Holidays:

The Centre will not be open during recognised Public holidays.


The Centre will close from the Friday nearest to 16 December until the first day of school in January.

Rules & Regulations :

Children are to attend the After Care Centre regularly and are to obey all the Centre's rules and regulations.

Fees Payable

  • All fees are to be paid monthly in advance in accordance with the ruling tariff of fees, together with any other charges that may be levied in terms of conditions of enrolment.
  • No reduction in fees due or paid will be allowed in respect of days on which a child does not attend the Centre for any reason whatsoever.
  • In the event of the After Care Centre going on an excursion to a public place during holiday time, entrance fees, entertainment etc. will be levied. Such levies are to be paid before the visit.


  • It is incumbent on the Parent/Guardian to notify the School in the event of the child being absent for whatever reason.
  • The centre will not accept verbal messages via children and will only react on written instruction from the Parent/Guardian.

Resignation, Termination and Suspensions

  • The minimum of one calendar month's written notice of an intention to withdraw a child from the Centre is required .
  • In exceptional cases and at the discretion of the Principal, the Centre reserves the right to dismiss any child without notice. No refund or waive of monthly fees paid or due will be made.
  • No payment by the 5th of the month will cause the Centre to suspend its service immediately.

Change of Address and Telephone Numbers

The After Care Centre must be notified within 24 hours of any change of address or telephone numbers. Contact numbers and parents' whereabouts cannot be overstressed.


  • The After Care Centre, while keeping to a rigid time-table will not interfere with the school's extra lessons or sports activities.
  • The After Care Centre will not accept responsibility for the academic progress of the child in its care. No guarantee is given that any child will complete all homework assigned by the class teacher.


  • A child may only leave the premises with the legal guardian unless the Centre has received written instructions from the legal guardian.
  • In the event of an accident the Centre reserves the right to transport the child to a registered hospital if the legal guardian cannot be contacted. We will act "IN LOCO PARENTIS".
  • Parents/guardians will not be admitted to the Centre unless accompanied by a member of the After Care staff.
  • The Centre will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of articles brought by the child to the Centre.
  • All members are to be collected from the After Care building and signed out. The Identity Card must be handed in at the gate of exit
  • These conditions of enrolment may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the Governing Body and written notification will be communicated to the parents/guardians.


Security is of the utmost importance. No strangers should be able to enter the area of the After Care Centre without being noticed. The entrance gate should be locked, fitted with an intercom/bell for visitors.No outsider should be able to make contact with any of the children.


Subject to any change on a month's written notice

R550-00 x 11 months – January to November, a full payment will be made which entitles your child to attend holiday care. Entertainment and outings – on written advice.
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